Casual Maintenance Intended

If you’re here, that likely means a project linked you here.

Thanks so much for being interested in that project!

Open Source is rewarding - but it can also be tiring.

The linking project’s code is provided as-is, and is only vaguely maintained.

Maybe the author(s) provide security support guarantees, for example, but no other kinds of ongoing maintenance. You should see if there are specifics in the project's README!

The author(s) of that project invite you to file bugs and send Pull Requests/Merge Requests/patches. However, they want to make it clear that they've got a lot of other stuff going on in their life, so these contributions may or may not be looked at for a really long time. When sending code contributions, smaller is way better.

Of course you're also welcome to fork the project for your own needs; just be sure to give credit where it’s due! Maybe eventually your changes will be upstreamed (but no promises).

Add the badge to your hobby project!

Add this markdown to your README:

[![Casual Maintenance Intended](](

Or, if you use ReStructured text:

.. image::
  :alt: Casual Maintenance Intended

This project is maintained and is on GitHub! And if you want a stronger version of this badge, you should check out, which this website is based on and inspired by.